Sunday, March 1, 2009

Assmaster Classic

Watch the Bassmaster Classic and replace the word bass with the word ass. Your welcome.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sadness, death, and A Major Award!

I've been depressed so I haven't been bloggin. Didn't want to get everybody down and when your depressed it's hard not to just sit and do nothing. A lot of things kind of hit me emotionally and all at once the past couple of weeks. I started my new old job this week so we can add wicked overtired to the list. Tooth is still sore, and it's looking more and more like dentures.
So here's where my head is at...
I got to read the Operative report on my surgery this week and it sent me into a tail spin. Got into a funk thinking about death and people I've lost and how I've dealt with it...and how I was brought up to Not deal with it. I wrote this post about Viola, who died when I was 17(I'm on my crappy lap top and can't actually put in the link to the post, so just go with it-hopefully you read and remember the post). What I haven't mentioned was that a girl I was just becoming friends with was brutally murdered down the street from me (I was actually about 100 yards away from where she was murdered and buried and raped when her mother came around with flyers looking for her) when I was 13 and I was asked by a certain parental unit why I wanted to go the funeral, not how I was holding up. Then when I was 15 my French language class partner shot herself. No help dealing with that either. Then Viola passed away and same parental unit made fun of her at her funeral and didn't take me to the wake. Then at 19 I almost died myself. I had a bacterial infection that went to my heart, lungs, kidneys...everywhere. I remember my sisters telling me afterwards that they were getting drunk together and crying wondering if I would be ok, and I wondered why...I'd gotten so good at pretending bad things didn't effect me that I had even noticed I was dying. Now that I look back on it, I was dying, it was the most physically painful thing I'd ever been through, and am very lucky to be here. Now that I look back on my surgery, which wasn't so long ago, I'm scared shitless. They removed my heart from my body, fixed it, and put it back. My heart was outside of my body, for I don't even know how long. So that's where I am. Scared. Happy to be alive, thinking dentures is a small price to pay for all the antibiotics that saved my life and ruined my teeth. And scared. And sad. And happy to be alive.

So on a lighter note, the Husband needs to get to putting my pictures of my first Thanksgiving on the computer before I beat him senseless. I actually had a whole blog in my head about it and of course, poof! gone! But I will post pics as soon as he gets off his wonderful lazy ass and does it.

I also have to post about a couple of fabulous awards I got, but again, I'm lazy and on the laptop, which is crappy, and won't let me put the little awardy icons in or give props to the manly men who gave me the awards. The awards are very manly. They will appreciate that I said that at least. And they are my first awards ever, so a super big THANK YOU to Captain Dumbass and can find their manly links to your right. Both awards were a much needed pick me up!

Monday, December 1, 2008

A bit better...

dry socket is almost healed, still hurts like bitch. I'm lost in Fable II land...The blogginess is weak in me lately...
Started new/old job at OBGYN office today, I'm tired. BSG in a month and a half...
Must go comment...more laterrrrr..........................

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dry Socket...


Well, at least I'm a little drunk. Been reading some funny posts tonight, catching up cause I speant the last few days playing Fable II and pretending the horrific pain in my jaw wasn't there. So gotta give some love to a snarky sister, the good Captain, and a sassy and smart and no shame in being a bodacious Blogger, all for making me almost pee my pants! And if anyone is interested in BSG go here, it's orgasmic!

I'm drunk.

What's everyone doing for Turkey day? I'm making cornish hens and a spiral ham for me and the Husband. No guests. Maybe we'll make a baby:-) We're going to eat ourselves into oblivion so that might be difficult, or messy. I'm guessing we'll just play Fable II, it's a lovely alternate reality. I'm looking for different color dyes in the game right now, I want hot pink, so I can dye my hair. Oh! Question for people who know what I look like, should I dye my hair red again? I'm bored with it.

hmmm...need some snarky blog's my favorite....

Oh! Not snark but still fun. I mentioned before my sister did something super nice for me when I was pathetic and desperate and that thing is a secret but could easily be guessed. She got her prize and since she can't post it I will...Husband and I got her a Nintendo Wii. Yay! Now she can stop being jealous and go get herself the Wii Fit and make her fat ass thin again...hahahahaha!!!! I kid...not I'm joking...Not! No really, just snarky fun....I swear. ooh...that turned right into snark and I wasn't even trying...nice!!!! go me!

Going out on a high note!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

hmmm...something to write..

oi! I don't know if I can do Fable II and blog. It might be slow this winter for the blog. Fable is a super addictive RPG video game for those of you who aren't 'in the know'. My therapist was wondering what would replace the percocet I'd been taking, you know thinks it's Fable II. Well, that's one thing down in therapy...

In my personal world of pain, I had a tooth pulled today...good times. One that I'd already paid to have root canalled (ok the spell check says 'canalised' I don't believe it I'm sticking with canalled)...yay, I love throwing money in the toilet. Next step at the dentist is to try to salvage another root-canalled tooth, if it can't be it comes...dentures. Yep. That's what I said. All my upper teeth pulled and dentures. I'm 31. I almost hope the tooth is bad. I hate my fucking teeth and haven't been able to eat anything comfortably in years. My dentist did confirm my thought today though. I had a bacterial infection in my heart 12 years ago and was on I.V. antibiotics for at least 8 weeks. He said that can soften up your teeth really bad. So it's not just my bad oral hygiene when I was a kid. I'm a friggin nazi about it now, not that it matters much. I'm just glad to have it confirmed that it's not all my fault.

Well, I get a percocet reprieve, got a script for the tooth...going to take it now before I cry. Oh and going to have another tooth pulled in 2 weeks..yay.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'm a spoiled sister is awesome...

I'm the youngest, it happens...Today I made an error and I'm going to make up for it.

I'll start here- I've been gone for a few days because Husband and I got an insurance settlement for the totalled Toyota and bought a new crappy car and an Xbox with some of the leftover money. For any gamer geeks out there, we are now addicted to Fable II for the winter...doubtful we'll be making any babies in the next few months. Husband is playing now and won't speak to me! I told my sister about this on the phone today. When I hung up I realized, I'm a spoiled brat. She did something very very nice for me and Husband when I was in total desperation. I was pathetic...and now I feel pathetic again. I can't tell you what it was, but let's just say, my sister is awesome and I love her. She's there to listen to me bitch, she's put a roof over my head and helped me out of many the sticky situation, legal and otherwise. So I'm writing to tell everyone, who doesn't already know, she's the bomb-diggity. I've always looked up to her, sometimes in that annoying little sister way. I wanted to be just like her when I was in high school. I still do. She showed me how to get into sticky situations, legal and otherwise. And to top it off she is one of the very few people in the world who get me, and I get her...we're weird and crazy and the coolest chicks on the block. So she is getting a prize and I'm going to make her freak out over what it is for a couple days, cause I'm spoiled and I have to have a little fun with this. Yay!

Friday, November 14, 2008