Thursday, May 1, 2008

I don't know what to post...

I had an especially crappy week that turned out surprisingly well. Some evil bitch I work with yelled at me in front of residents and staff alike first thing in the a.m. Sunday. I had been talking shit about her, true. She's a sadistic bitch and deserves worse than shit-talk, also TRUE. So after the anxiety attack, crying in front of my boss and all, I worked on a different floor the rest of the day. Next morning, none of the staff on my floor will either look at or talk to me. Mind you these are the girls who shit-talked WITH me. Now they're either feeling more loyalty to the tormentor of feeble old ladies, or they feel some sense of humanity and dare I say guilt about being 2 faced bitches to look at me. Scarily I believe it is the former. I"m on a different floor with nicer bitches. They are happy to have me because I love my job and I love crazy little old ladies, and sometimes I'm good for a laugh.

Now I have a stomach bug and still can't stop myself from eating crappy food. There's something wrong with me for sure when it comes to food. I could be shitting green water and if someone put a chocolate bar in front of me, I'd eat it. I think the only reason I'm not 300 lbs. is shear force of will. I refuse to be that fat. I'm almost at my heaviest in my life right now...207. I was 215 when I started Tae-Bo ten years ago and lost 40 lbs. I should probably do something about it, but I'm missing the motivation I had in my twenties.....getting laid as often as possible by as many men/women as possible. Now it's just the Husband and he's heavy too so what the fuck do I care. Bah! I'm so lazy! I'm getting on the exercise bike right now!!!!!

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