Friday, September 26, 2008

I hate health insurance...and BIL

Really?! How many phone calls do I have to make? I shouldn't complain because I know my sis Cristin has made an infinite number more than I and dealt with a lot more Ins bullshit...but do they all have to be special needs on the other end of the phone? Could one or two of them have English as their First language? And of course in the middle of recovery from heart surgery and rehab for bursitis in my shoulder (which keeps me up all night and has me crying at least once a day) and therapy, now is the time...right now, to change insurance plans. Maybe something else could go wrong....Bring It On.

Following not for the squeamish...

So BIL Soap Opera. He dates Skank who has little girl from previous skanky relations with other male skank. BIL and Skank have baby boy. Skank moves into MIL's house with BIL (not that he's lived anywhere else for more than a couple months). MIL HATES Skank. So obviously this goes well. MIL and FIL (passed away 7/07) kick out BIL, Skank, and spawn. Skank get IUD. Skank manages to get prego on IUD but she's "Keeping my baby!". Getting pregnant on IUD is very sketchy (for those who don't know it's a little piece of plastic they put up you Hoohoo to keep from getting pregnant, if you do get prego-which is rare happens if you're not attentive to placement of IUD, little piece o plastic is not good for growing baby-use your imagination-not a pretty picture, rarely if ever ends well for baby). Skank, thank god, has miscarriage. Takes pictures of said miscarriage.


I did not have the, blech, pleasure of seeing them, but MIL and friend of MIL did. Apparently the baby was far from Caucasian. Skank and BIL are both of the Caucasian persuasion. BIL leaves Skank. One year later, Skank is pregnant with twins! No IUD this time, maybe she grew a smart brain cell. Or maybe brain cell was a gift from BIL. I had the pleasure of seeing the twins last Sunday, very cute, VERY familiar looking. No doubt they are BIL's. Paternity test mid-October , court ordered. Skank has babies so I can pay taxes for her fucking welfare, so I can't afford to stay in my own little rental cottage, and have to move in with MIL. Skanky skank fucking douche bag Skank.

On the bright side maybe BIL will finally move out. Better yet maybe we'll save up some money and move out then they can all live there together in misery and take care of MIL as she gets older. I believe that has been Skank's evil plan from the get go. It's a nice house and she wants in.

I feel better now!


Cristin said...

Skanky McStinkpuss needs to get hit by a bus.

only a movie said...

I'm going to cry that made me laugh so much.

K Dubs said...

So the tuna boat landed in MIL's house and may be coming back? eeeeew....

Skanky sounds skanky - so does BIL for continuing to be with skanky.

I have an IUD. I never got pregnant. Thank GOD. Then I'd have had to deal with the fuckwit for the rest of my life. I prefer to ridicule him from afar, and not in front of his spawn. lol

Bad Mommy said...

I have an IUD. And a hubby with super sperm. I am not pregnant. I have checked.

What the hell is with the high number of skanks in the world?