Thursday, October 9, 2008

Moving day, sorry it's a long one, but worth it..

So Friday, Sept 26th, day before moving day...the Landlord calls. "So are you guys still planning to move?" That was sign #1. Sign #2 came the next day at 9 a.m. BIL calls, he's the only one helping Husband move (I can only move boxes cause of surgery). He's not coming, 'too tired, I'll come tomorrow though, and you have Monday off right?' 'No' says Husband 'No I do not'. Sign #3, a good friend was able to come over and help...sounds good right? Has his 2 year old with him and it soon begins to downpour..Noah's ark style. The moment he takes off it clears up.
So Sunday the 28th, we have a couple friends and BIL come and help. We have to do it all in one friggin' day.

So we do.

We get to the house and I'm greeted by MIL with "You Shouldn't Be Driving Until the Middle of the Month!!! What Are You Doing??!!" I think to myself, 'I'm driving a whole 5 days earlier than I'm supposed to....I'm a grown-up'. A few minutes later a friend of the family shows up, Mary. Mary has serious heart problems and has asked that no one smoke around her. BIL says as he lights a cig in front of Mary and myself, 'I guess someone besides Mary is going to have to deal with me smoking in the house! hahaha!'.

Oh yes, he did.

Like a bag of dead road kill hitting me in the face I realize 'I CANNOT live here, ever!'

I settled into a quiet panic, moving things into the house still. I can't talk, breath, think. And then MIL says "Muffy! (my nickname) Quit biting your nails!!"

Oh yes, she did.

I can't breath, my face I'm sure is flaming red, I want to scream "I'm a grown-up!!!!!!" But that wouldn't be very grown-up of me would it? So I tell Husband, "I can't do this" We go back and forth all night. I can't live in a house where people smoke inside. Can't. I cry all night. We decide to stay and make the best of it, save up right away and move right out.
Next morning, I wake up crying realizing where I am. I get up and bring the dogs downstairs to eat and walk. BIL has a dog that's barking outside. He lets the dog in while mine are eating. If you know dogs at all you'll know to never introduce dogs when there's food around. Dog scrap ensues. BIL then informs me, cigarette in hand, that GIL (grandfather-in-law, also lives in house) is not going to let our dogs live inside the house. Tiny dogs, no undercoat, eaten or frozen to death within a month out there. BIL also plans on getting a Rottweiler puppy, cause you know, my dogs would make great friends/snacks for it. I grab my dogs and my purse and I leave. 6:30 a.m.
I had lasted about 12 hours.
I spend the entire day away from the house. I talk to Husband on the phone who insists he's going to talk to BIL and MIL and GIL about smoking, dogs, etc...I get there about 7:30 p.m. BIL lights a cig in the kitchen. Husband says "If you're going to smoke in the house can you at least not do it in front of my wife?!" BIL responded like he had asked him to take it up the ass sideways! "I SPENT $100 ON GAS HELPING YOU MOVE! I'M GONNA SMOKE IN THE HOUSE IF I WANT TO! YOU'RE GODDAMN DOG JUMPED ON ME IN BED AT 4:30 THIS MORNING! PEOPLE HAVE BEEN SMOKING IN THIS HOUSE FOR THIRTY YEARS, I'LL BE DAMNED IF I'M GONNA STOP NOW!!!!" He sounds psychotic. This is a grown man of 36 years, who lives with his mother and sleeps with his bedroom door open and the hallway light on! Really, the hallway light on! Light a fucking 5 year-old! MIL and GIL are sitting right there. Guess what MIL said....come on....guess....
She said absolutely fucking nothing! She sat there listening to her son rave like a lunatic, in her house and not one fucking word escaped her lips.
So I left. I took one dog with me and a pair of pj's and walked out the door in shock. We are lucky enough to have landlords who would take us right back. They were going to put the house on the market but hadn't signed anything yet. They didn't even want our security deposit back. We waited out the week, I stayed at my Mom's and Cristin's, and Husband stayed with MIL cause it was closer to work. She has not said anything. No anger, no apology, nothing. Fucked up I tell you! Then the following Sunday as we're moving things out...she says...wait for it...wait....oh yeah! NOTHING! Act's like nothing happened. When we decided to move in she swore she would kick BIL out and no smoking in the house. "no problem." she says. I am not visiting for a very long time!!!!


crone51 said...

you know, we live in NJ where there are some very shady characters...Do you know anyone whose kneecaps need breaking? I bet you do.

This guy is truly disturbed and disturbing. I don't think you should ever go near him again let alone live with him. Oy vey. I am so glad you are out of that situation.

Now I hope I don't get arrested for making veiled threats over the internets...

Cristin said...

A bag of road kill would be too good for that psycho...

Anonymous said...

glad you're out of there!

K Dubs said...

WOW. I think thats all I can think of to say.