Friday, October 17, 2008

Yes, yes I can

I successfully put off exercise until 6o'clock...almost forgot about it really. My fat ass will hopefully show vast improvement soon, I can't afford to buy any more clothes.


only a movie said...

I know you will do it. I need to get a bike for my house. Am having difficulty braving cold to be out walking/running and hate. the. gym.

Are you doing WW points?

crone51 said...

you are an inspiration to all those who procrastinate.

I put off cleaning the house until 2:00 PM yesterday. I thought that was good but I am not in your league.

Maybe I will go ahead and post this now...or maybe I will.....later.

Anonymous said...

yay! erin and i do a monday weigh-in for weight-watchers if you want to join in.

hope things have settled down for you.

Cristin said...

You're doing better than me.

Rhea said...

Wait, ok, so you're sisters with Only a Movie and Cristin?

King of New York Hacks said...


StarbuckBitch said...

Yep Rhea, there are many of us;-) They're also my best friends, don't know what I'd do without them!
Meg, not ready for weigh in yet...maybe once I can get on a regular exercise regimen, but the 'diet' has not begun.