Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sci-fi junkies beware..Agent Dunham has smelled yet another fart..

I like a good sci-fi show...I like a bad sci-fi show. I like it when a sci-fi show knows whether it is good or bad. Bad sci-fi can be good when done right. Fringe has no clue. I keep watching and I keep waiting for it to suck me in. Agent Dunham, the female lead is kind of pretty when she doesn't have this serious 'oh my god that's the nastiest fart I ever smelled' face going on, which is like 90% of the time. Joshua Jackson's character is very nice (loved me the Pacey from Dawson's Creek) and he's turning out to be not such a bad actor. Walter is fun and I like the little father son dynamic most of the time, but sometimes it's just tooooo much. I like the crazy old Walter thing, but I don't know...a few times an episode I cringe at him. The creepy FBI boss dude, boring. The Pattern? Not seeing a pattern. 'Massive Dynamic'? How about 'Global Dynamics' from Eureka, a great good/bad sci-fi show. It also so seems like there is a new 'bad guy' every week, and then we never see or hear from them again. I mean I'm all for conspiracy theory and confusion (a la 'Lost') but again I'm failing to see the 'Pattern'. I want to be done with this show, but I just can't do it cause I'm a whore for sci-fi...when's it gonna get good?


Cristin said...

You're just a whore.

And I'm not into sci-fi so that's the only comment I could come up with.

only a movie said...

I almost watched last night. I hadn't started. Now I won't. I ordered Season 4 Lost for D's b.day for our winter watching (I didn't watch online - wanted to wait to watch with him). Thanks for the review!

Black Eyed Gurl said...

After last night's episode I decided that the show would be better without Olivia, as the Peter/Walter/scary black guy dynamic was fierce.

Found you through your comment on the Park Bench, loved the screen name!

StarbuckBitch said...

I would like to see Katee Sackhoff replace Dunham, she does serious way less smelly!

crone51 said...

I turned it off mid-episode last week. Didn't bother watching it last night. It's like the Xfiles without humor, sexy leads or ...anything interesting going on.

I think Katee Sachoff should replace everybody on every show on Television. Huh, if she had an English accent she would make a fabulous first female Dr. Who. Damn, she would! What a great idea!

And Cristin:: pbtttttttttttt!!!! ;-)

Rhea said...

nasty fart face. I love it!!