Sunday, November 9, 2008

To baby or not to baby...

I went to my nephew's girlfriend's baby shower today. It is official. Everyone has a kid but me. The question is, do I want a baby? I'm so undecided. I know I like kids, I know I like having stuff. I know all the usual reasons for having a kid, love, the cuteness, the whole life-changing experience thing. I've been around babies since I was a kid. I was a nanny. I know a lot about kids, maybe more than most people who don't have any. I just can't get myself to a deal breaker reason. I'm thinking if we don't, there's a lot of nice vacations in our future. I know if we do there will be a lot of love and lots of laughs.

Maybe I should make a pro/con list?


1. cuteness.
2. love.
3. someone to care for ( I like taking care of people).
4. sweetness.
5. connection with the Husband.
6. someone to care for us when we get old (if it likes us enough).
7. Everybody does it.
8. Husband says he will have a fishin' buddy! Fucking cute..I think that may have done it for me but let's keep going...
9. Eavy will have a buddy-she loves the kiddies!
10. Something more in common with all my friends and relatives.
11. Breastfeeding burns a lot of calories.
12. Someone to leave all our useless stuff to when we're dead.


1. No regular Jamaican vacations.
2. Way less adult toys.
3. money-we po'!
4. Getting blamed for all it's problems...ha!
5. HUGE responsibility (we are quite the immature duo:-))
6. BIL will be it's Uncle.
7. sleep.
8. Stretchmarks...I already have so many.
9. Fatness...I already have so much.
10. Boobies...they are already so saggy.
11. is already so weak.
12. No ativan...I am already so crazy.

Okay I think that's it....

Please comment...anything new and interesting I haven't thought of...give me something good!


Cristin said...

Have you met Dottie??

Just do it.


K Dubs said...

no shit. just keep scooty-bootin' in the pucker brush and it will eventually take. It's the best job I've ever had - and I'm doing it alone!

only a movie said...

Go ahead. By the time it's 13, it can visit it's old decrepit auntie.

crone51 said...

Having kids was the best thing I ever did. But then I got lucky and had GREAT kids.

I loved every second of it. Still do. The bummer is that they grow up and move away and you have to get a facebook account so you can see pictures of them playing beer pong.

I love being a mom. I don't even care about ever having grandkids... I just like being a mom. - Plus, yes, totally right about the breast feeding burning calories thing. Wish I could still do it.

Wait a minute....Kathy... "Scooty bootin' in the pucker brush"? I am hysterical. Water has been spewed everywhere and that is officially the Best Thing I Have Ever Heard since CNN projected Obama's win.

Ruth, who is still giggling and spewing

Lula! said...


I saw your comment over at Rhea's today and told her, "I AM RUNNING TO STARBUCKBITCH's SITE!"

'Cause I am a BSG fan. Big time. Huge. Ginormous. And I take so much crap for being a Sci-Fi lover.

Um...whatever. It's only the most intelligently-written show on tv. And brilliantly acted.

It's KILLING me that there's only 10 episodes left. I have a theory on who the final cylon is, too...

Sigh...I love that show. You are so my kind of people.

p.s. Lost is my other obsession...I even have "Lost Links" on my blog. I am just a bit psycho when it comes to my island peeps. Seriously, BSG's return in January and Lost's return in February are what keeps me warm at night.

Captain Dumbass said...

Same as Lula, saw you over on Rhea's site. BSG is the best show ever. I live where they filmed it. As for the kids pro & con, they are endless blog fodder. Also, you get to name them whatever you like. And it's an excuse to play with toys and watch cartoons. Um... if you're into that.

crone51 said...

BSG fans!!! yayyyyyyy!!!!!!

I share my BSG obsession with my eldest kid. Which is another good reason to have kids. Of course, she is 21 , so it's a bit of a wait but she is the person who got me ( and the hubby) into BSG. We thank her frequently . It's the Best Thing Ever.

Rhea said...

Gosh, I can't tell you whether or not you should have a baby. That's huge. But you seem like you'd be a good parent, and it is amazing having children. They are part of you, (hopefully the good parts).